Woman Takes Baton to the Face

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A hilariously bad arrest ends up with a Chinese police officer knocking a woman out with his baton.

This is another one of those videos floating around the internet that is nearly impossible to figure out what’s going on. Because of the vagueness of the video, I will do my best to translate what they are saying and also guess at what is going on.

This looks like a basic “good cop, bad cop” play by the two police officers, a commonly used technique to extract information from a suspect. Officer one is hugging the man while calling all his friends and telling them how awesome his new friend is. Officer number two, the “bad cop”, is whaling on the suspect’s chest with a retractable baton.

This goes on for several seconds before the suspect actually starts enjoying the hugs and holds the officer hand too hard. The suspect’s female companion becomes jealous of the new bromance and slaps “bad cop”.

“Bad cop” doesn’t appreciate the slap very much, and cranks his baton over the woman’s head twice.

“Bad cop” took his role way too seriously.

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