Woman Says Police Threw Boyfriend off Bridge, Body Cam Proves That’s a Lie

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A Facebook post slamming Rainbow City Police was proven false when the department released body camera footage.

On July 13, Rainbow City, Alabama police initiated a traffic stop on a black male. The suspect gave officers a false name, claimed he didn’t know his social security number, and tried to hide his identity further by giving officers a different person’s driver license. Officers were finally able to confirm his name and identity with the help of a passenger.

One officer teld the suspect that they know his identity, so he takes off running from police. His brilliant escape planned was foiled after falling 19 feet onto his face after jumping off of a bridge. He was taken to the hospital and arrested for several felony warrants.

Seems like a cut and dry case of being an idiot criminal right? Not so much.

The mother of his child got on Facebook and contacted news agencies claiming that police beat him up and pushed him off of a bridge.


Rainbow City Police department released the body camera footage the following day, proving everything the woman said on Facebook false.

Watch Donut break down the video below:

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