Volusia Deputy Dragged by Suspect

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A Volusia County, FL deputy was injured on Saturday after a suspect tried to flee a traffic stop.

Deputy William Kretzer with the Volusia County Sheriffs Office initiated a traffic stop Saturday on a speeding motorist. 27-year-old LaRodney Bennett complied with the deputy’s orders until he was ordered out of the vehicle.

It turns out Bennett had 2 active warrants out for his arrest stemming from a previous assault charge.

Deputy Kretzer asks him at least 6 times to step out of the vehicle then moves in to pull him out. Bennett floors the gas and speeds off with the deputy partially inside the vehicle.

Kretzer was dragged about 10 feet and suffered road rash on his forehead and arm.

Bennett ended up leading police on a pursuit before crashing into a tree. He then tried to flee on foot and received a well deserved dog bite.

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