Viral Video Shows Teens Brawling With Police

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The internet is a little upset over how Taunton Constabularies handled a situation involving a mob of teens, but did the officers do anything wrong?

A video showing officers from Taunton, England has a few people upset. I thought the U.S. was the only place with an anti-police narrative but it looks like the media likes to crap on police everywhere.

The top media websites reporting on the incident have titles like  “TOUGH JUSTICE OR TOO FAR? Shocking video of cops rugby-tackling teenagers during playing field riot sparks probe”


“Controversial arrest video sparks police conduct probe”

I think the title should be along the line of “Disrespectful Teens Figure Out What Happens When You Disobey Police, Square Up With Them, and Lay Hands On Them”

The videos starts out with one officer arguing with the teens. In the background you can see one person handcuffed on the ground.

From what reports say, the teens had assaulted a woman in the park and the officers were telling them to go home. The teens can clearly be heard arguing with the officer and a few even put their fingers in the officers face.

Backup shows up and sees his partner surrounded by 20 teens, so he pushes the main aggressor and tells them to go home. The teens refuse to disperse and start fighting with the officers.

Several are arrested.

I didn’t see anyone “rugby tackled” like news websites say, but I did see 2 girls kicking a police officer on the ground while he’s making an arrest.

Looks like a case of crappy attitudes, not police brutality.

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