Video: Widespread Looting In Houston as Police Scramble to Save Lives

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Looters are taking advantage of the hurricane while police are busy saving lives.

Hurricane Harvey has completely devastated parts of Houston. According to reports, nearly 30,000 people may be forced into temporary shelters due to floodwaters destroying homes. Parts of Harris County have been hit with 30 inches of rain in the past 72 hours.

Fort Bent County Judge Robert Herbert told reporters

A flood of this magnitude is an 800-year event, and it exceeds the design specification of our levees

The National Weather Service made this tweet yesterday

First responders and anyone willing to help out have been working around the clock to save lives. Below is a picture of a police officer who has passed out after saving lives all weekend:

Many people are working around the clock to save lives right now:

Because of the lack of police officers patrolling the streets, some people have seen this as a golden opportunity to nab some free stuff:

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