Unexpected Goat Destroys Business Windows

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Employees at this Colorado business thought that a burglar paid them a visit until they watched the security footage.

Earlier this week, employees arrived at Argonics inc. to find the two front doors smashed in. Like anyone else, they imagined the place had been broken into and was probably ransacked. Nothing was stolen though, just the damaged property.

The security camera footage showed exactly who the perpetrator was: a black and white male…… goat.

A herd of goats can be seen outside of the business before one of them rams a door several times, destroying it. The suspect then switches to the other door and destroys it also.

Reports state that no one knows where the goats came from.

We’re guessing that this particular suspect may have been the head honcho. He just saw itself in the reflection and wasn’t about to let that other goat get away with looking at him funny.

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