Underwear Wearing Man Shot After Trying To Steal Patrol Car

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A man wearing only his underwear is fatally shot after trying to take off with an officers patrol vehicle.

Video of a fatal shooting from April has juts been released by Pendleton, SC police. Pendleton Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a woman and 46-year-old Jose Hernandez. As the officer arrived on scene a woman flags him down and tells him that a man had chased her. The officer drives a few hundred yards towards the disturbance and sees Hernandez coming towards the car wearing only his underwear.

The officer steps out of his patrol car and tells Hernandez to show his hands. Hernandez keeps approaching the officer, refusing all orders. The officer steps out and tells the suspect to put his hands on the car. Hernandez still refuses to comply so the officer deploys his taser.

Hernandez jumps in the officers car and is shot at four times. He throws the car in reverse and is shot at an additional five times by the officer. Four rounds struck him and killed him.

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