Unarmed Iraq Veteran Wallops Armed Robber In His Store

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Unarmed Iraq Veteran David Clark refuses to become the victim of an armed robbery in his Sugar Creek Gas Station when a man enters with a firearm.

On January 26, 2016, at approximately 11 P.M. an armed man entered the Sugar Creek Gas Station with the intent to rob it. What he wasn’t expecting, after handing the clerk a bag and telling to empty the register, was that the man behind the counter was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom who wasn’t willing to roll over. The quick thinking veteran utilized speed, surprise, and violence of action to catch the robber flat footed.

A quick wrestling match for the weapon ensued. One which the veteran, David Dick, won before pursuing the now unarmed robber outside of his store. Dick found out that the weapon was a fake when he presents and pulls the trigger with no effect. Regardless, the store clerk showed zero fear in the face of danger. I guess it’s just something that sticks with you when you’re used to patrolling the streets of places like Baghdad.

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