Officer Makes Two Head Shots To Save Elderly Hostage From Attacker

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Fairbanks Police Department Officer, Sergeant Gregory Foster, takes a small opening to score two head shots on a suspect with an elderly hostage.

James Robert Richards, Jr., 28, of Fairbanks was threatening people with a firearm when police responded to 911 calls about the situation. In the 911 call, it became apparent that Richards had pistol whipped two people, and discharged his weapon as a form of intimidation during a robbery earlier. When police finally arrived on scene, Richards took an elderly man, Solomon Roberts, as a hostage. The officers discharged two Tasers in an attempt to subdue the gun-toting Richards, both failed to fully connect.

Shortly after, Officer Foster made two shots, both connecting with Richards’ head, that ended the stand-off immediately.

There was a lengthy investigation into the incident, because Richards was an Alaskan native, and members of the Native community believed that race played a factor in the officers decision to shoot Richards. At the conclusion of the investigation, Foster was cleared of any criminal charges and allowed to return to work. All available views of the incident are in the video below. They have not yet been synced together and edited by the Badge Cams staff, but they will be next week. That video will be released on Facebook next Thursday.

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