Deputies Risk Their Lives to Save Suicide by Cop Suspect

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Pulaski County deputies fight with a man over a large caliber rifle who wants to commit suicide by cop.

Detective Howard Brickner and Corporal Lynn Bays responded to a well being check of a man who was supposedly suicidal. Deputies arrived at the scene and started searching around for the suicidal person, later identified as Marcus Lavender. At the time of arrival neither deputy knew that Lavender had a firearm.

Corporal Bays went to the back of the house to search for the man while Detective Brickner stayed at the front to knock on the door. As Bays went around the back of the house he heard Brickner yell for him then heard a gunshot.

Bays told reporters that he heard a gun go off and knew that it sounded too big to be Brickner’s service weapon. He stated that he thought he was going to round the corner to see Brickner laying on the ground.

As Bay’s rounded the corner to the front of the house he spotted Brickner and Lavender fighting over a rifle. His initial response was to pull his weapon out and order Lavender to drop the gun, but after Lavender and Brickner ran at him, he holstered his weapon and joined the fight.

A taser was deployed and they were able to get control of Lavender. He later admitted that this was attempted suicide by cop and was sentenced to 11 year in prison for the incident.

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