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Two Bounty Hunters and Suspect Die In Gunfight

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Cell phone footage just released shows two Texas bounty hunters trading rounds with a wanted man.

Yesterday evening, two bounty hunters posted up at a Greenville, TX Nissan Dealership to wait on a wanted man. The two bounty hunters, 33-year-old Gabriel Bernal and 54-year-old Fidel Garcia, waited for 3 hours for 49-year-old Raymon Hutchinson to show up.

Hutchinson was wanted out of Minneapolis for a first degree drug charge.

Cell phone footage shows the bounty hunters approach Hutchinson, who is sitting inside a sales office. The bounty hunters come around the corner pointing their guns at the wanted man. Hutchinson reacts by pulling his own gun, which he drops on the desk.

The bounty hunters jump on Hutchinson’s back and try to wrestle the gun away from him. We slowed the video down so you can see Hutchinson drop his gun, retrieve it, then start firing.

The incident took place during the Dealership’s primary business hours. Reports state that it was filled with people, including children in the lobby. Fortunately no one else was harmed.

All 3 men died on scene.

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