How To Turn a Warning Into a Felony

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A simple traffic stop over speeding leads to a woman and her husband being arrested on multiple charges.

Jamelia Logan was pulled over by North Charleston police for doing 39 in a 25 mph zone. From the very beginning of the traffic stop, she refused to cooperate with police. She tells the officer that she was not speeding and that all he wants to do is stop black people.

The officer gives her several chances to just turn over her drivers license, registration, and insurance, but she refuses to comply. The officer tries to place her under arrest and she speeds off. A short chase takes place before she pulls into a parking lot where her husband is waiting on her.

Her husband tells police that he is also a police officer (which isn’t true). Jamelia was charged with resisting arrest and failure to stop for blue lights. Her husband was charged with impersonating a police officer.

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