Trooper Gets Stabbed In The Eye While Rescuing Suicidal Man

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A California Highway Patrol Officer nearly lost his vision after trying to pull a suicidal man off of an overpass fence after the man started stabbing him.

Video was just released showing a 2012 incident between CHP Trooper Dane Norem and a suicidal man. In October of 2012, Norem received a call from dispatch about a suicidal man threatening to jump from an overpass. The trooper sped over to the scene and didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

Norem ran over to the man, who was already on top of the overpass fence, and latched onto his leg. Without warning, the man turned around and started stabbing Norem with a pocket knife. The man stabbed Norem several times in the face, arm , and back.

Norem told reporters

“When I got struck in the face, it didn’t really hurt. It felt like I had been punched and it felt wet, like a water balloon had popped. I came to figure out later that was my eye.

An off duty police officer stops to help the struggling trooper. The off duty officer grabs Norem’s baton and tries to fight off the suicidal man as other passerby’s attempt to pull him back over the fence.  Another officer arrives on scene and hits the suspect with a beanbag round, rendering him unconscious.

Norem underwent two years of eye surgery before returning to full duty in October of 2015.

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