The Three Worst Assassins Ever Caught on Camera In New Orleans

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Video from a New Orleans gas stations shows three of the most incompetent assassins ever failing to shoot one man, and it’s hilarious.

A Chevron surveillance camera, in New Orleans, captures quite the scene on Sunday as three would-be assassins pull off something out of a comedy routine.

In the video you can see a dark colored car pull up on the road beside the gas station. Three people jump out, all armed various types of weapons. The first person out of the car does a super whirley jump over the fence with some type of rifle in his hand, and opens fire while running.

The second gunman over the fence, wearing a white bandana, also tries the super whirley jump but is unsuccessful in pulling it off as gracefully as the first gunman. He also opens fire with some type of rifle while running. After the man in the black shirt at the gas station (who we assume is their target) returns fire, gunman one and two bust their asses trying to get back over the fence.

Gunman 3 runs in front of their car, then circles around behind the car and appears on the left side of the camera somehow. It looks like he just wanted to see what was going on with his boys, then suddenly regretted that decision.

No one was hurt in what is now being called the world’s worst assassination attempt.

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