Knife-Wielding Teenager Tased Off Of Lunch Table by Police

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A school resource officer handles the situation accordingly when a teenager pulls a knife out of her backpack during a fight.

Reports state that this incident started after a teenage girl had been bullied for several months leading up to the incident caught on video. The 15 year-old reportedly started a fight with several other girls in the Peoria High School lunch room who had been bullying her. As soon as a Peoria resource officer and school faculty helped break up the fight, the teenage girl retrieves a knife from her backpack.

Footage from a bystanders cell phone shows the girl run towards the resource officer from behind, while holding the knife. The resource officer pushes the knife wielding teen against a trophy case. The girl then climbs onto a lunch table and waves the knife at surrounding students.

The girls temper tantrum didn’t last very long though, because she got to ride the lightning. Even though she took one heck of a dive off of the table, reports state that no injuries were occurred.

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