Teen Steals Bulldozer and Nearly Crushes Officer Involved In Chase

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An 18-year-old man steals a bulldozer, and leads police on a low-speed chase, then runs over a police car.

Dash cam footage was released earlier today showing a wild police pursuit involving a slow moving bulldozer.  18-year-old Austin White thought that it would be a good idea to steal a piece of heavy machinery. Kankakee, IL police received a call at around 3 a.m. last month from an off-duty officer who witnessed the vehicle doing donuts in the middle of a public roadway.

As officers arrived on scene, White backed the bulldozer over one of their patrol cars. In the video below you can see the officer jump out just before he is crushed. The footage released shows multiple dash camera angles of the 10-minute long chase.


An officer was almost squished in his patrol car.

White leads the officers of a slow-speed chase for 12 blocks before finally being arrested. One bad-ass officer jumps on the bulldozer, breaks out the window, and throws White out onto the pavement.

The teen was then Tased and arrested. Reports state that he now faces six felony charges.

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