Former Marine Tries To Commit Suicide By Cop – Taser Saves His Life

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Officers from Miami-Dade find themselves in a tense stand-off with a former Marine threatening them with a knife. The Taser saves him.

On November 15, 2016, officers from Miami-Dade Police Department respond to a 911 call from a former Marine who says he wants to hurt police officers. When the officer arrive on scene, the man, suffering from serious mental instability, is telling the officers that he wants them to shoot him.

The officers, acting quickly on their feet, surround the man from two angles. One officer maintains the lethal force option as he tries to get civilians out of his cross-fire. The second officer puts his Taser on the suspect, and immediately starts trying to talk the man down by pleading with him.

As soon as the opportunity presents itself, the officer with the Taser takes the shot. Both prongs connect and drop the suspect on his back, and the officers capitalize on the moment to disarm and detain him as fast as they can.

Situations like this happen every day across the country. They aren’t publicized by the media because they don’t garnish enough media attention, nor do they fit the mainstream media narrative of an epidemic of police violence. Share this post on Facebook if you’re tired of the false narrative that is causing a low intensity conflict to break out in the streets of America.

While situations like this can and do happen all of the time, it is important to note that at all times throughout this specific interaction the officers were able to maintain a lethal force option in tandem with the less than lethal measures. This is the primary reason the Taser was used as effectively as it was here. Strong work by these officers.

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