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Taser Makes Bike Thief Face Plant

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I’ll never know why people in handcuffs think that they can get away.

You know what sucks? Getting Tased. Know what sucks more? Getting tased while running full speed and not being able to catch yourself. A bike thief out of Miami found this out the hard way.

Police were called to a condo parking garage last Saturday and placed 26-year-old Carlos Sierra in custody for trying to steal a bike. Reports state that Sierra is a “Known homeless man with an extensive criminal history, burglary and theft”

For some reason, Sierra didn’t try to run before handcuffs were placed on him. As police were leading him outside to a patrol car he took of running with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

One of the officers gave chase on foot and Tases Sierra while running full speed. The entire incident was recorded on security cameras.

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