Officer Hits Escaped Felon In the Buttocks With Taser

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An escaped prisoner thought that he could elude law enforcement again, that is, until he caught a taser to the buttocks from a law enforcement officer.

43-year-old Marvin Taylor isn’t the brightest of all criminals. Taylor shoplifted from a Dollar General store in January and was charged with felony shoplifting due to previous shoplifting convictions. He was then placed into the Georgia State Diversion Center, where reports say he escaped from.

Earlier this week though, a store employee spotted Taylor inside of the same Dollar General that got him locked up. The employee called the police who showed up right after Taylor had left. As officers were patrolling the area searching for Taylor, he went back to the Dollar General.

Lt. Christopher Nichols and Senior Police Officer Gregory Gilchrist of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department cornered Taylor inside of the store. Taylor tried to run from the officers but it looks like he took a taser shot to his behind as he was jumping a counter.

Taylor went down, but swept the Taser probes away and the fight continued out into the parking lot. After being arrested again he was charged with shoplifting, obstruction of an enforcement officer and was served with the felony escape warrant issued by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

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