Footage Shows Suspect Violently Attacking Orlando Officer

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An Orlando officer is possibly in critical condition after a suspect brutally attacked him over, and over again. He was lucky to survive.

Video released May 19th shows just how dangerous being a police officer can be. An unnamed officer was called to a disturbance in Eola Park, located in downtown Orlando. Right as the officer arrives on scene, the suspect charges directly at him.

The officer, realizing the danger that faces him, performs a tactical retreat behind nearby truck. The suspect continues the assault, running after the officer while screaming unintelligibly. The officer does everything he can to put distance between himself and the violent suspect, but the attacker is determined to destroy the officer.

From the suspects actions and aggression, it’s safe to assume that they were probably on PCP or some other synthetic drug.

Unfortunately the video ends and we can’t see what became off the officer. We’re assuming that he is either severely injured or dead.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to our LEO family in Orlando.

WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE BELOW – Footage Courtesy: Darrell Harbin


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