Suspect Pulls Out Gun While In Police Car

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The 21-year-old suspect pulled out a loaded gun in the back of the police car while going down the road.

21-year-old Wesley Rogers thought it would be a good idea to get hammered drunk and allegedly harass a woman. Police showed up on scene and decided to cut the young man a break. They patted him down, found an open bottle of liquor, and tried to give Rogers a ride home.

Everything was going smooth until Rogers pulled out a loaded gun. He pulls it out of the front of his pants and drops it. After he picks it up the officer in the passenger seat spots the weapon.

The driver slams on the brakes and the two officers detain Rogers. It’s clear that Roger’s is so drunk that he can barely talk. Fortunately he didn’t pull the trigger.

This incident is a few years old, but it’s a timeless example of how important a thorough pat-down is. Don’t be scared of the wobbly bits boys and girls.

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