Five Officers Fight To Save Puppies From Man High On PCP

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It took five police officers, and multiple taser deployments, to stop a man high on PCP who was strangling two puppies to death.

Dash-cam footage, released this week, shows a 2015 incident involving police officers fighting with James E. Jones of Wheaton, Maryland over two puppies he was trying to strangle to death. When police arrived on scene, they witnessed Jones strangling two puppies.

Chance and Mia

In the video, officers can be see struggling with Jones before deploying a Taser. Officers on scene stated that the Taser had no effect on Jones. Tasers sometimes have no effect on a person who is experiencing excited delirium, which is caused by certain narcotics like PCP.

James Jones, a dirt-bag.

It eventually took five police officers to pull the puppies away from Jones. In my opinion, they were way to gentle on him. Somehow, Jones was sentenced to only six months in prison this week for felony animal cruelty. For some reason this incident didn’t warrant a resisting arrest charge on Jones.

The puppies both made a full recovery despite extensive injuries and were later adopted.

Warning: This video contains scenes of graphic violence against animals that may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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