#STOPLACKINGCHALLENGE Is The Dumbest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

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While it could just be a stunt, this new viral twitter challenge #STOPLACKINGCHALLENGE isn’t the smartest thing we’ve seen.

A video posted by Twitter user @spankyevans1 aka “Big Troop” has gone viral over night. The new twitter challenge, called #STOPLACKINCHALLENGE, is a great way to catch a little lead poisoning.


The cameraman pointing a gun at food workers

With 41 thousand re-tweets, the original video shows the person going around town pointing a loaded gun at other people. Most of the people in the video point guns back at the cameraman, who we are assuming is @spankyevans1 .



Spanky and friends

The other people in the video have a variety of weapons including pistols, shotguns, and AR-15’s.


It’s all fun and games huh?

We don’t need to really explain the dangers of pointing a gun, real or fake, at random people on the streets. Even if they are friends and it is staged, a police officer isn’t going to look at this in a positive manner.

Many Twitter followers, even ones who aren’t fans of police, are voicing their concerns for these bright young men:



Other users are taking this challenge as an excuse to make fun of the Las Vegas shooting earlier this week:


What the hell is wrong with people?

The original poster was even nice enough to tell us that he is doing this in Memphis, TN:


Watch the full video below:

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