Gun Fight Turned Standoff Results In Successful Arrest With No Casualties

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Officers from Green Township, Ohio, respond to a call and are immediately in an armed standoff with shots fired. Their performance is flawless.

When police from Green Township Police Department respond to a 911 call where a suspect has been firing his weapon into a neighbors yard, they rely on their patience and discipline to make an arrest. Even though shots have already been fired, the officers are convinced that they’ll be able to talk the man down.

The video below is the dash and body worn camera footage from the standoff. The viewpoint changes at multiple times depending on which camera is the most relevant at the time. The video concludes before the suspect surrenders, but the officers managed to make an arrest without discharging their weapons.

Strong work boys, keep it up. This is the best possible outcome in a scenario like this, and it’s what every officer hopes for when they find themselves in this situation.

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