Warning Graphic: South China Man Goes On Stabbing Spree At ATM

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A man armed with a knife conducts a brazen robbery by assaulting one victim with a knife and stabbing multiple times, and threatening the man at the ATM.

In what is an uncomfortable video to watch, a man from South China conducts a robbery armed with a knife. In the beginning of the video he can be seen wiping off the knife with a rag as his first victim stands next to him thinking nothing of it. The suspect watches on as the second victim begins his transaction, and once he is certain that the man’s cash will be coming out of the machine, he starts his stabbing spree.

The first victim has almost no time to react as the suspect starts stabbing him multiple times. After a short tussle, and a lot of blood loss, the first victim manages to escape the grasp of his attacker, and retreat into the nearby street. The second victim, who was operating the ATM, doesn’t offer any resistance at all. Instead, he does what any sane defenseless person should do in this situation, and he immediately retreats as well when presented with the opportunity.

Let this video be a reminder that your head should be on a swivel during ATM transactions. This is a place where you are extremely vulnerable to attack and robbery from an outside source. It is easy to become complacent, and believe that you will never find yourself in this situation. This is a reminder that bad things can happen to anyone, and you should be prepared.

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