Self Defense Pepper Spray Versus Police Oleo-resin Capsicum Spray In A Small Space

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This is why you shouldn’t bring civilian grade pepper spray to a pepper spray fight with a cop. It simply will not work for you at all.

26-year-old Quivonna Bonner was originally arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession, but decided to add on a few more charges while on her way to the drunk tank.

The incident happened in front of a police substation in downtown Columbus. The patrol car footage shows Bonner in the back of the patrol car with her shirt off. For some reason her hands were cuffed in front of her. This allowed Bonner to retrieve a small can of civilian self defense mace from somewhere.

Bonner told officers that she was going to mace them as soon as they opened the door. Unfortunately for her, the tiny can of pepper spray that she probably retrieved from her prison wallet, was no match for the officer’s fiery stream of hell.

As you can see in the video below, Bonner quickly regretted getting into a pepper spray fight with police.

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