Shooting Guns at Houses

Houston Couple Snapchats Themselves Shooting Guns at Houses

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A Houston man and a woman publicly tagged themselves on Snapchat shooting guns at houses from a moving car.

A very disturbing post was made earlier today to the Reddit Houston community  by user u/harriscores. The videos, captured by reddit user /u/Bvto, shows a man and a woman shooting guns at houses from a moving vehicle.

In the videos below, it appears that they shooting at random residential houses and businesses. The two were kind enough to tag their location and times of the shootings on Snapchat.

Thanks to great detective work by the reddit community, the social media accounts and names of the two have been found.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith told

“We would need someone whose property was damaged or a victim of some sort or a witness or the person who took the video, to come forward and file a report,” Smith said. “At this point in time, nobody has come forward to file a report or make a complaint.”

According to the original reddit thread, HPD has been contacted and is looking into the issue.

You can find the original reddit thread here.

Here is a link to an album showing still frames.

If you have anymore information on this incident, please contact Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131.

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