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Sex Offender Shot After Stabbing Deputy

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A Sequoyah County deputy shot and killed a sex offender who jumped out of a pile of clothes and stabbed him with a knife.

This incident started when Deputy Christian Goode and a Muldrow Officer were searching for a wanted suspect. Phillip Trammell was wanted for forgery, child support, and not complying with with sex offender registry.

The officers searched through the home and found Trammell in a pile of clothes on the floor. Both officers ordered the man out of the clothes. Trammell jumped up and started cursing at police. As the officer recording pulled his Taser out, Trammell rushed Deputy Goode.

Trammell stabbed the deputy twice with a 4 inch blade before the deputy could open fire and end the threat.

Reports state that Trammell had made threats against law enforcement before.

The Muldrow Officer rushed Deputy Goode to the hospital where he is still recovering.

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