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Sex Offender Gets the PIT

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A sex offender and his wanted passenger didn’t stand a chance against Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday, Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that a wanted sex offender was at a local U-Hail store. Sheriff deputies arrived on scene and 48-year-oldTodd Marchesano took off in a mini van. Marchesano was wanted by authorities for failing to register as a sex offender.

Marchesano became a registered a sex offender after being convicted of indicent acts on a child while serving in the military. Inside of his van was Tina Nabbefield, a woman who was wanted for stealing brass vases from a cemetery and selling them.

The pursuit only lasts for a few miles while a police chopper follows overhead. Deputies carefully performed a perfect PIT maneuver on the minivan. The van turns over and smashes all over the side of the road. Both are arrested and booked into jail.

Great job catching these dirt bags, deputies.

Watch the entire incident from a dash camera and the birds eye view from the helicopter:

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