62-Year-Old Man Shoots Robber Below The Belt In Self Defense

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A 62-year old driver shoots a gunman in self defense. The robber was attempting to steal £10,000 from the would-be victim.

An ambitious, yet unlucky criminal decides that it is payday when he approaches a building foreman who was holding thousands of dollars of wages for his workers. Ricardo Palazzo pulled his weapon on Pedro Gonzalez after noticing him sitting in a luxurious looking vehicle opposite side of the building site. CCTV footage shows Palazzo demanding Gonzalez to open the car door and in frustration banging the glass with his weapon. Little did he know, his target had a gun hidden in his vehicle.

Gonzalez opened fire on the robber, striking him in the groin and the shoulder.

The police later on confiscated a grenade from a rucksack that the criminal was carrying with him. Palazzo robber was not fatally shot and the police and paramedics were called to the scene.

Gonzales spent several hours in custody and was freed when the judge ruled that he acted in self-defense. His actions and CCTV clearly show that the robber attacked him with a gun. Gonzalez held a firearms licence and immediately called emergency services

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