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Seattle Police Open Fire Twice on Vehicle, Two Officers Under Investigation

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The Seattle Police Department has opened up an investigation on two officers who opened fire on a fleeing vehicle.

On October 8 several officers with the Seattle Police reported to a call of a suspicious vehicle. The officers arrive on scene and within seconds open fire on a fleeing vehicle. The dashcam below shows one officer standing in front of a Subaru. The vehicle tries to take off and the officer standing in front of it opens fire. The other officer closest to the the suspect also opens fire.

The officer in front of the car is knocked of balance and that’s when the second officer opens fire. The officer in front of the car then opens fire with his rifle.  The next part of the video is why a criminal investigation has been opened on the two officers involved.

The car stops for a moment and then takes off again. The two then officers open fire a second time. Reports state that police fired over a dozen shots, but do not know if anyone was injured or killed inside of the vehicle.

Some reports state that in the initial call to 911, the caller states that he may have seen one of the passengers with a pistol. This would explain why some of the officers have their long guns out.

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