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Salt Lake City Police Shoot Man Who Threatens Them With Knife

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Body camera footage was released today showing a Salt Lake City police officer shooting a man after being threatened with a knife.

On August 13 Salt Lake City police made contact with Patrick Harmon after seeing him riding a bike across six lanes of traffic without a rear tail light.  The officer asked Harmon for his identification and was given a false name. The officer called for backup after Harmon finally told the officer on scene that he may have a felony warrant.

Two more officers arrived on scene after the initial officer found felony warrants on Harmon. One of the warrants was for felony aggravated assault. Officers told Harmon that he was going to be arrested, tried to place his hands behind his back, and he took off running.

The three officers went after Harmon. All three officers on scene heard the fleeing suspect threaten to cut them before he pulled a knife and pivoted towards them. Officer Clinton Fox fired 3 shots, fatally wounding Harmon.

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Knife found on Harmon

Watch the shooting below:

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