Durham, NC Robber

A Durham, NC Robber Forgets Other People Have Guns Too

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This Durham, NC robber tries to rob a tobacco store and it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Surveillance video has been released out of Durham, North Carolina that shows a robber losing all of his testicular fortitude immediately after realizing other people have guns. The incident started when the man dressed in all black walked into the Smoke 4 Less shot carrying a pistol.

Unfortunately for the robber, the clerk had his own gun. The two exchange a few shots before the robber bolts out the door. The clerk was hit in the arm but is expected to be alright.

Reports state that thirty minutes later an armed man robbed a Hardees down the road and that the two incidents may be related.

Check out our video here of another clerk refusing to be a victim by stripping away a robber’s hi-point.

Three angles of the robber peeing himself can be seen below:

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