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Robber Drops Like a Rock After Armed Bystander Takes Control

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An armed bystander takes out two masked robbers in Brazil after everyone else takes off running.

This is another video that doesn’t have much of a description other than what you can see. According to some sources, this incident took place in Brazil. Wherever this took place, it’s always good to see an armed bystander not back down to criminals.

The video starts off with about a dozen people eating outside of a small store. Two robbers run up wearing all black with their face covered. Every single person eating outside takes off running except one man.

Maybe it was just some really good food, but this guys decided his dinner was not about to be ruined by two thugs in masks. He stands up, calmly pulls his pistol out, and opens fire.

In the first camera angle in the video you can’t see it, but the second robber in the door drops like a sack of potatoes. He drops so fast that the first guy in doesn’t even notice it until he’s getting shot as well.

Armed bystander continues shooting the first guy as he is running away.

As I said, there aren’t any reports about this, but it’s safe to assume that one guy is probably dead.

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