Road Rage Incident Between Bikers and Truck Driver Gets Out Of Control

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When the driver of a pickup truck unintentionally cuts off a group of motorcycle riders, a road rage incident starts and gets way out of control.

When it comes to road rage, things can get out of hand very fast. This is a situation where that exact thing occurs, and instead of handling the situation in the right fashion, a straight up brawl breaks out. A gun even appears at on point and is used to intimidate people. This is the exact wrong way to handle situations on the road, and if you find yourself in one of these situations you should either keep driving, or pull over before you get heated to the point of wanting to fight.

After a pickup trucks accidentally cuts off a group of bikers, the bikers take it upon themselves to start harassing the driver. The driver isn’t having any of it, because he looks like he’s already having a pretty rough day. He then pulls off to the side of the road, gets out of his truck, and proceeds to start fighting one of the cyclists. Then, two more trucks pull up to the scene, a shotgun gets pulled out, and an even larger conflict starts. This is the kind of tense stand-off situation you never want to find yourself in.

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