Protestor Delivers Worlds Weakest Backhand To Police Officer

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A protester at Miami University thought that it would be a good idea to backhand a police officer in the face. He thought wrong.

From what we can tell according to the video posted by the YouTube channel OperationReapSouls, this is some type of anti-gay, anti-abortion protest. The part of the video that we thought everyone should see takes place within the first 10 seconds, and it involves a hilarious backhand attempt.

It appears that one unruly protester has crossed over a barricade that he wasn’t supposed to. The officer in the video politely tells him to go back across the barricade. That’s when the young man, obviously confused by simple instructions, backhands the officer in the face.

Well, saying backhand may be a little generous of us. It’s more like a love tap, or a toddler lashing out who didn’t get their way.


“I screwed up”

As soon as the officer is struck he pauses for a second. We’re assuming something like “Is this kid serious?” is going through his head. The young man is immediately arrested.

Good job earning that assault on a police officer charge, genius.

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