Dumb Portland Protester Gets Called Out For Being An Idiot

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Protester cries for a police presence, police show up, girl says the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard. Stop the planet, I want off now.

Since the election of President Trump, Portland, Oregon has given police some incredible job security. It seems like every time I look at YouTube there is some more footage of people protesting, standing in traffic, or fighting in downtown Portland.

As crazy as Portland is, you can’t deny how entertaining some of the footage is. We came across a quality YouTube channel called Airliner World and More; the owner of the channel is a Portland resident who goes around filming all the crazy stuff happening at protests.

We had to share this one clip in particular just to show everyone the logic of some of the cop haters and protesters.

It starts off with police approaching a small protest. One of the female protesters says “You’ve been standing over the whole time, what fucking good are you?”.

Apparently an assault had gone down and police didn’t see it. She berates the officer for several seconds before he says “show me the video of the assault so I can do my job”.

Her response is mind numbingly stupid:

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