Police Tase Armed Robber Off of Van

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A Greenwood, Indiana man robbed a store, stole a van, ran from police, and ended up being Tased off the top of the van.

Reports state that police were called to a discount tobacco store on Thursday evening after a man had robbed a clerk at gunpoint. The robber pistol whipped the clerk and stole a customer’s van during the robbery.

The first part of the video below, you can see several police officers chasing after the smoking van. The thief drove the van through a neighborhood, weaving in and out of people’s yards.

The van made it back onto a main road and crashed into another vehicle. The robber crawls out of the driver window and onto the top of the van for some reason. Police officers approach and a Taser is deployed.

The Taser causes the man to fall off of the van, landing on his head in a near perfect “scorpion fall”.

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