Police Protesters Learn The Hard Way Not to Stand In Traffic

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Man shoots at police with AK-47. Man Dies. People protest police by standing in traffic. People get hit by car. People get mad and wonder why they were hit.

On Wednesday, June 7, SWAT officers in St. Louis executed a search warrant on a single family home. The search warrant was issued to police after an investigation showed illegal guns and narcotics were possibly being sold from the home.

Police announced their presence, breached a door, and tossed in a flash bang. As officers entered the home, 21-year-old Isaiah Hammett opened fire on police with an AK-47. Police returned fire and killed Hammett.

The home also had security cameras mounted outside where Hammett could have possibly seen the officers arriving on scene.

Several dozen protesters disagreed with the shooting and formed a protest Wednesday night. This turned out to be one of those protests where people stand in traffic. 

In the video below, a large woman can be seen standing in front of a car; a car with people in it who have nothing to do with police or the Hammett shooting. The car is quickly surrounded by angry protesters and the driver, possibly fearing for his life, does the only thing he can do to get away from the mob.

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