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California Police DESTROY Homicide Suspect On I-80 Following Chase

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Video shows a dozen police officers shoot a homicide suspect who opened fire on them.

Yesterday morning 45-year-old homicide suspect Demilo Hodge fled from police. The pursuit carried over on to Highway 80 and came to an end in Emeryville. Hodge’s crashed into a concrete divider after police flattened his tires. His vehicle came to a stop in the very middle of the interstate.

Sgt. Jeff Osgood with Fairfield Police told reporters

“Officers negotiated with the suspect for an extended period of time until officers received gunfire from the suspect. Officers on scene returned fire, and the suspect was struck during the exchange.”

When the good Sergeant says “the suspect was struck,” what he means is they took the top of his head off right when he decided to shoot at officers. It’s hard to make out in the first video, but we slowed it down in the second video from a news chopper.

Although bystanders could see that police were pointing guns at a person only a few feet away, they still poked their dumb heads up until bullets started ricocheting by.

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