The Most Patient Officer In the World

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The most patient police officer ever runs into a very drunk and stupid individual.

Last summer, Sergeant Eric Kannberg with the Spokane, Washington police department had his patience tested to the limit. While dealing with a drunk person, the man in the video sitting on the sidewalk, another drunk person walks up.

The new drunken idiot pulls his cell phone out and sticks it in Kannberg’s face. From the start of the video, it’s pretty clear that he’s absolutely hammer faced. He talks garbage to the very patient Sgt. for a few minutes before the person on the phone says “DO YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL TONIGHT OR NOT?”.

As the Sgt. is trying to get him to step back, the man slaps his hand. As Sgt. Kannberg goes in for the arrest, the man yells what sounds like “I’m under arrest? Come catch me bitch!”.

He makes it all of twenty feet before falling on his face. Kannberg catches up to the man and places him under arrest.

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