‘P stands for pig!’ Man Berates Most Patient Cop In The World

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A man recording a police officer on a traffic stop makes a fool out of himself.

Apparently, recording police officers and acting like a d-bag is the cool thing to do these days.  A video has been circling around social media showing a man on a traffic stop berating a cop while the officer maintains his professional composure.

The funny thing about this video is that the guy probably thinks he is incredibly clever. He thinks that when he uploads his video where he tells that “road pirate” how it is, everyone will agree. All he managed to do is looks like a big moron.

The video starts off with with the man saying the cop is raping the people followed by some racial nonsense. The officer calmly tells the man that he is working himself up over nothing, but the guy continues to act like a tool.

Some of my favorite lines from this guy:

“I want you to answer the question, then I’ll be on my way”

“You don’t know the history, I’m white right? Black people hate you, get a real job”

“THE P STANDS FOR PIGS” (the officer was trying to hold back his laughter on that one)

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