Extremely Graphic: Officer Shoots Suspect After 911 Call About Armed Individual

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An officer from Salt Lake City, Utah is forced to fire on a suspect in a Seven Eleven parking lot when he refuses to comply.

Officer Bron Cruz, from Salt Lake City, Utah, was forced to fire on a suspect, Dillon Taylor, 20, after a 911 call stated the man was armed and he refused to comply with the officer’s orders. For the duration of the video, Taylor can be seen backing away from the officer with both of his hands in the waist band of his pants.

After several attempts to get the suspect’s hands where he could see them, Cruz was forced to take a decisive shot. After a lengthy investigation, Cruz was cleared in the shooting by the district attorney. The moment that sparked the incident is when Taylor raised his shirt, which is indicative of a person who is about to draw, present, and fire a pistol.

Given the information Cruz had from his dispatcher, and the actions of the suspect, the officer did what was required of him to defend himself and other people in the vicinity. There was no gun found on Taylor, and at the time of his autopsy his blood alcohol level was 0.18.


This video contains scenes of graphic violence and images that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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