Graphic: Officer Shoots Suspect Trying To Cut Off Someone’s Head

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A Lufkin, Texas, police officer was forced to shoot and kill a man who was actively stabbing another man in the head and neck.

Body camera footage released Tuesday shows Lufkin Police officer Black Witherspoon responding to reports of a man attacking someone. As Witherspoon arrives on scene, he witnesses 40-year-old Epthen Johnson crouching over another man. Witherspoon instantly recognized that Johnson was stabbing the other man, and repeatedly told him to show his hands. Witherspoon fired 3 shots as the attacker continued to stab at the mans neck and head. A 4th shot was fired, ending the vicious attack.

Blood tests were ran on Johnson, who turned out to be high on PCP and Marijuana at the time of the attack. A grand jury cleared officer Witherspoon of any wrongdoing earlier this week. A media release from the Lufkin police department, which details the incident, states “…the officer did not believe a Taser would be an effective tool in stopping Johnson’s attack”.

It’s pretty sad that police departments have to make statements like this. There are still people out there who would have preferred the officer hit someone, that is actively cutting another man’s head off, with the Taser. The video below starts at around 2:55, everything before that is audio leading up to the situation that gives vital context into the incident as it occurred.

Warning: This video contains graphic content which may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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