Officer Shoots Armed NMSU Student

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A student at New Mexico University was threatening to shoot other students. One officer shows up and saves the day.

Body camera footage released last year shows New Mexico State University Police Officer Jarrod Colliver arriving on scene to the call of a student with a gun. 28-year-old Karsten Cuthair was making verbal threats to open fire on officers and other students.

Cuthair repeatedly shouts“stay in your room” as the officer approaches the floor he is on. Cuthair can be heard saying in the body camera footage “If you want to catch a bullet, step out.”

Office Colliver walks around a corner on the third floor of the building and spots Cuthair sitting on the floor with a gun in his hand. The officer tells him twice to drop the gun and Cuthair turns towards the officer. Two shots are fired by officer Colliver.

One shot strikes the armed suspect in the thigh and he is detained without further incident.

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