Deputy Accidentally Shoots

Deputy Accidentally Shoots Suspect Instead of Tasing Him

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A Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy accidentally shoots a suspect during an arrest following a domestic dispute.

On October 9 deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s department responded to calls of a domestic dispute. A woman had called 911 and told operators that her 18-year-old son Jamal Jackson had hit her in the face.

Deputies arrive on scene and determine that Jackson should be taken into custody. The body camera footage below starts around the time Jackson begins resisting arrest. Two deputies can be seen trying to take him into custody.

The deputy closest to the body camera says “taser, taser!” and accidentally pulls out his gun, shooting Jackson one time. The bullet goes through Jackson’s bicep, causing a non-fatal wound.

Deputy Charles Gillis, who accidentally shot Jackson, screams “God dangit!”

Jackson actually remains pretty calm for just being shot in the arm. He asks the deputies “could y’all maybe label those things so people don’t get shot like that?”

Gillis is a 9-year veteran of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s department. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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