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Off Duty Cop Blasts Robber In the Face

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This armed robber didn’t stand a chance against on off duty cop inside of this Arima casino.

On September 28 Leshon Villafana and another thief came up with the genius plan to rob a Casino in Arima. In the security footage below, you can see Villafana enter the casino and take two hostages. He announced to everyone that it was a hold up and started pulling his hostages to the back of the casino. Unfortunately for the robber, one of the hostages was an off duty cop.

The male hostage with the striped shirt on is 29-year veteran of the force Constable Rory Manmohan. Little does the robber know, Manmohan is carrying a pistol in his man purse. The veteran officer spins around, blocking the view of him drawing the gun from Villafana.

He puts his gun down by his side and waits for the right moment. Villafana takes one more look at the female hostage before Manmohan shoots him in the face one time, killing him instantly.

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