NYPD Officer Does Great Take Down On Resisting Suspect

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An NYPD officer turns on the aggression after giving a suspect several chances to comply.

Video sent to us by a follower shows an NYPD officer attempting to detain a man for unknown reasons. The video starts off with the man saying “he’s touching me, he can not touch me” and walking away from the NYPD officer.

The officer gently pushes the suspect up against a wall, so the suspect brings out the old “police brutality” play. The officer asks for an ID, the man refuses to show ID, then refuses to turn around.

He tells the officer “you can’t even check me, go ahead and check me bro!”

The officer then successfully “checks” him, bro.

The arrest goes smoothly, with the officer only having to use soft hand techniques. Great job officer!

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