Internet Actually Supports NYPD Cop Who ‘Pummels Teen’

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People on Facebook and other social media sites actually support police in video where an NYPD cop “pummels teen”.

This is some unbelievable stuff. A police officer was caught on film punching someone in the head and people are supporting the police on Facebook. The top comments for “NYPD cop pummels teen” are filled with praise and congratulations for a job well done, even when most news outlets went about it like this….

pummels teen

New York Post title (notice the video title also)

This “disturbing” new video that you can see below involves a few NYPD officers and a 16 year old suspect named Alfred Burns. When I first saw the video, my first thought was “well what the heck happened before the cameras were rolling?”

So, there is our first problem. The video starts without any context. The mean old cop is punching that poor man in the head. Don’t forget the screaming woman. It makes things look much worse when a bystander is screaming at the top of their lungs. There is always a screaming woman.

Before we get into the 5 elements of a viral police brutality video, we need to talk about what actually happened before cameras started rolling.

Burns stole a bike. That is illegal. The police came and Burns didn’t want to be arrested. Burns struggled with police and ended up on top of one of the officers. That is illegal. The video starts off with Burns on top of a cop.

If you look closely, the officer on the bottom is holding open cuffs that the suspect pushes dangerously close to the officers throat. The suspect now has control of an officers wrist and has his hand on the officers face/throat.

I’d like to also point out that they probably haven’t checked the suspect for weapons, so there’s no way to know what he has on him. The officer, seeing a man on top of his partner, starts delivering blows. He punches Burns in the head a few times until a bystander jumps in and pulls Burn’s arm back. The officer delivers a few more blows before another bystander grabs the officers arm.

A few more officers arrive and the situation is put under control.

Burns got tuned up a bit, but he’s alive and the officers walked away fairly unharmed.

A little bit about Mr. Burns:

Earlier this year Burns was arrested after threatening a man with a box-cutter and demanding money. Later the same day, he pulled a knife out on a cab driver and robbed him of money and some electronics. On July 26, he tried to rob another man by acting like he had a gun in a plastic bag. He was arrested for the incidents on August 8.

Needless to say, Burns makes poor choices. This poor choice got him a headache and some serious charges, but he’s alive to make more poor choices in the future.

The Facebook video with 7 million views of this fight has some great top comments:

I almost forgot! Here the 5 elements of a viral police brutality video:

  1. there is no context whatsoever
  2. woman screaming (at least one)
  3. people standing around filming and complaining but not helping the police
  4. everyone on scene is an attorney
  5. no-one standing around has ever heard of “use of force”

You can see all of these in the video below!

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