Nebraska Trooper Buttstrokes Drunk Driver

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Video has just been released showing a Nebraska State Troop buttstroke a drunk driver in the side of the head.

In 2016 Brian Davis had a few too many drink and thought it would be a good idea to run from police. During the hour long pursuit, Davis reached speeds of over 100 mph. Stop sticks were deployed on the van about 20 minutes into the pursuit, which led to Davis driving on rims.

In the video below, Davis suddenly swerves to the left into a ditch and comes to a stop in a field. Two Nebraska State troopers swerve into the field with him and exit their vehicles. It looks like Davis turns the van on and tries to back up.

Davis eventually gets out of the van and the troopers yell at him several times to get on the ground. Davis yells back “fuck you!”

Davis refuses to get on the ground, which results in one trooper buttstroking him in the side of the head

It’s understandable that the officers we’re experiencing an adrenaline dump after the lengthy chase and they didn’t know how much of a threat Davis still was. They also had no idea who was still in the van at the time and wanted to quickly take control of the scene.

It’s also understandable how a rifle butt to the side of the head might be a use of force issue. The officer who delivered the strike resigned a few months after the incident. 

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